Working People In the Cloud

Digital Citizenship Pre-conference LIASA Workshop, 2016

As adults, trying to balance work, family and so much more, we often do not have the time to do research or continue our professional- and self-development, staying on top of new developments – especially in terms of the online world we more and more find ourselves in. Technology is developing faster than what we can think, and it is understandable that we often feel overwhelmed. In the Cloud would like to assist you to continue developing your technology/digital skills through our 2-day just-in-time workshops, developed by highly qualified authors/presenters with teaching and information science background and many years of experience, thereby removing the threat to fall behind. In addition to introducing you to online tools to become a more efficient employee working more productively, we would also like to assist you with the skills to become a lifelong researcher, required in order to remain relevant in the world of work.

We welcome groups of 20 people to approach us for training (Custom Workshops), at a local venue in your area, bringing the training to you. We specialize in training teachers and librarians, but professional people from all spheres of life most welcome. We adapt the training to your digital learning needs, and contextualize all for the world of work familiar to you. We are looking forward to talk and discuss with you! Please feel free to contact us and request a quote.

For Standard Workshops, view the workshop program by clicking here.

Workshop participants are introduced to the following:

  • Accessing, analyzing, and critically evaluating information from a wide spectrum, in a responsible way;
  • Using digital tools to become more productive and efficient;
  • Using information obtained effectively and in a responsible way; and
  • Communicating (publishing and sharing) information in an effective and responsible manner.

The workshops are presented in a fun and engaging way, removing so many barriers, for example fear for change and fear for technology. Principles such as critical thinking, problem solving, effective communication, and active citizenship are embedded in all workshop content, and participants are encouraged to continue experimenting and becoming lifelong self-learners.

Workshop content is well researched, and the content developers are constantly on the lookout for new developments, research and trends, integrating it as part of the learning experience and curriculum. As one of our learners once said: “I am no longer down on the ground – I am now up in the cloud! Thank you for the training, and my life will never be the same!” Register for one of our workshops, and experience the feeling!