I herewith understand and agree to the following:

  1. Draft Programmes: Although In the Cloud will do their best to keep the final programmes as close possible to the draft programmes proposed, there might be slight changes, e.g. order of the items on the programmes might change, items may be added/removed.
  2. Certificates: Certificates will only be issued on full attendance of any registered course. Partial attendance will not qualify for a certificate.
  3. Payments: When registering an invoice will be issued to you/your library/organisation. Please note that the payment is due five days prior to the course commencing. Cancellations 30 days in advance are payed back in full. When cancelled between 15-30 days prior to the start of the course, and should you cancel, 50% will be refunded. If no written notification of cancellation is received, you will be liable for full payment, even though you might not have attended.
  4. Replacements: Should you no longer be able to attend, you are welcome to nominate someone to attend on your behalf. Please notify info@inthecloud.org.za prior to the start of the course, so that preparations can be made accordingly.
  5. Size of workshops: In the Cloud strives to accommodate minimum 15 and maximum 20 participants in any one workshop. Should the target numbers not be reached, In the Cloud reserves the right to cancel the workshop in advance, and refund registered participants for the amount already paid. Where no payment payment was made, no refunds will be made, and participants will always be notified in writing.
  6. The content of this web site and the content of the workshops are displayed and presented in good faith, to assist citizens as part of Continued Professional Development (CPD). Although every effort will be made to ensure the accuracy, currency and reliability of information, participants will be responsible for making their own assessments of the information presented to them, and take responsibility for their own continued learning following the training.
    Unless stated otherwise, all information on this web site as well as presented during the workshops/printed in the manuals, are supplied without any warranty, condition or other term as to the quality of any services or their suitability for any particular purpose. It should not be assumed that future results will equal past performance, and there is no guarantee that you will have success. We however wish you success, and are committed to successful implementation and adoption, taking libraries forward.