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It is often difficult to get away from work, and we acknowledge that. Please follow us on facebook or subscribe to our mailing list and join us for our free webinars on exciting topics, trends and technologies, involving speakers from all over the world.


We are available to present both papers and workshops at conferences. Together the In the Cloud developers/directors have presented more then 300 presentations as part of former work experience – through their work in the educational. library, and the research environment – both nationally and internationally.

Q&A on matters related to manuals/training

E-mail (please allow 24 hours maximum response time)

Training Workshops

In the Cloud workshops are presented according to a set program (Standard Workshops), but we accommodate groups of 20 at a venue, date and time convenient for both parties (Custom Workshops). During these workshops we try to expose all to exciting ways in which technology can be integrated in the world of work and learning, across all areas, at the same time sharing ideas and other best practices among one another – in terms of policy, theoretical practice, new trends and more.

Workshops are presented in the southern African regions (South Africa, Namibia, Botswana), and are announced on the home page of this web, via facebook and also through the mailing list. To arrange a workshop, please contact Duration: 2 consecutive days.


We share interesting links, clever ideas for new lessons, awesome tools, and more. Click here.

Mailing list

A mailing list through which we share interesting links, clever ideas, awesome tools, and more is available to subscribed members (free). Click here to subscribe. The list also connects ICT and Media Literacy/Digital Citizenry worldwide to share and learn from one another.