Workshop: Learn to optimally use the Internet

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11 & 18 August (2 Saturdays)
8 & 15 September (2 Saturdays)

Choose one of the above dates. Please familiarize yourself with the Terms & Conditions.


09:00 – 17:00 each day


Higher Technological School John Vorster
Meyer Street, Rietfontein, Pretoria
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Brief Description

Not a day goes by that we don’t use the Internet, be it Facebook or Google. But are you using the unlimited wealth of knowledge and wide variety of tools to the fullest of its potential, in a creative and innovative way? Join In The Cloud and attend a workshop to help you use the Internet responsibly. This is perfect for public librarians, school leavers, teachers, teenagers, or even parents who would like to know how to use the Internet securely, safely and to obtain all the correct knowledge that the wide Internet has to offer. It is the ideal workshop if you want to learn how to approach any research project, no matter which level.

Citizens from all spheres of life need to become responsible Internet users – both in terms of information, but also in terms of available tools, downloading but also uploading and sharing. High quality, innovative and creative school projects/assignments can contribute to better results. Learn how to approach research and find quality trusted information, at the same time improving your computer and Internet skills! The World Wide Web (Internet) offers a wealth of resources and online tools which can be used to become a more productive learner, teacher, parent, student, librarian, doctors, secretary, business person or other – if you know how to use it in the correct way.

Are you a school teacher who has to provide guidance to learners on how to find good quality information for school projects/assignments, as well as how to compile a school project/assignment? Or a parent who wants to help, but do not understand where to start and what is required? Or maybe you are a school learner who wants to improve your work, or a school leaver who wants to better prepare for university or a post-school qualification. Then this course is for you! Public librarians who have to assist school learners with school projects also most welcome!

Since the course is MICT SETA accredited, teachers and librarians will also be able to register it as part of their Continuous Professional Development (CPD) on successful completion.

MICT SETA Unit Standards

Unit Standard 115391: Demonstrate and understand the principles of the Internet and the World Wide Web

Unit Standard 114076: Use computer technology to research a computer topic

Expected Outcomes

After completing this course, the delegates will be able to:

1. Interpreting your project/assignment – what exactly is required from you?
2. Designing a layout and compiling a framework for your project/assignment (headings & sub-headings).
3. Identifying key words, and conduct accurate searches on the World Wide Web.
4. Identifying high quality trusted resources.
5. Distinguishing between different types of media on the World Wide Web, e.g. encyclopedias, dictionaries, newspaper articles, magazine articles, and more.
6. Learn about copyright, licensing and plagiarism.
7. Using information and images from the World Wide Web.
8. Customising information and images from the World Wide Web.
9. Organising your information and other graphics in your wordprocessing document (incl. the use of tables and other graphical elements).
10. Acknowledging resources through referencing and citing.
11. Using tools on the World Wide Web to enhance your project/assignment, and to add finishing touches.
12. Alternative ways to present your school project/assignment.
13. Sharing your project/assignment with an audience.

Participants will be introduced to a variety of free tools to accomplish the above, and to produce professional outcomes, benefiting all for life.

Target Audience

Teachers, Learners, Students, Librarians, Parents


A special of ZAR 2,600.00 per participant applies for this course, since it is the first workshop under our newly MICT SETA accredited status. Standard price: ZAR 3,600.00 per person. Inquiries: 


Please complete the online form to register – click here. Registration closes on 6 August 2018. Certificates of attendance will be issued on full attendance.

How to Prepare

You are welcome to bring along your own e-devise, but computers will be available for you to work on. Also bring any existing material incl. photos, logos, and more. Please save on a digital device of your own. Make sure you have a Gmail account of your own, and bring along the username and password. If you don’t have one yet, please create it at:


Ina Smith (LIASA Librarian of the Year 2016) and qualified librarian, teacher with a Masters Degree in Computer Integrated Education.

Annamarie Goosen, qualified librarian and in the final year of completing her Masters studies in Business Leadership.

Draft Programme

Day 1 

08:30-09:00 Registration
09:00-09:15 Welcome & introductions
09:15-09:30 What to expect from this course
09:30-10:00 How to approach a project/assignment – multi-tasking between different applications
10:00-10:30 Layout & design – headings & sub-headings
10:30-11:00 Internet, Internet browsers and search engines (incl. trouble shooting); Key words/search terms
11:00-11:30 Finding quality information from different types of resources on the World Wide Web
11:30-12:00 Refreshments
12:00-13:00  Copyright, Licensing and Plagiarism (incl. tools)
13:00-13:30  Using information in different ways
13:30-14:00 Lunch
14:00-16:00 Referencing and citing information
16:00-17:00 Creating a framework for your project
17:00- Closing


Day 2 

09:00-09:30 Reflection
09:30-10:30 Customising information & images from the WWW
10:30-11:30 Using a wordprocessing program to compile the project/assignment
11:30-12:00 Refreshments
12:00-13:30 Professional layout and copyediting: organising content and grahics
13:30-14:00 Lunch
14:00-15:00 Enhance your project/assignment even further
15:00-17:00 Presenting & sharing your project/assignment online, assigning a web address



Mobile: +27 83 457 3280 or +27 82 818 0117