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The NRF|SAASTA invites 150 top-performing learners across all 9 provinces to participate in the National Science Olympiad [NSO] annually. Selected learners from the SADEC countries are also invited to participate in activities during this four-day-long focus week. The focus week – referred to as the National Science Olympiads Focus Week – comprises of site excursions, motivational talks, role modelling sessions and science activities, to expose the learners to different science orientated career opportunities, as well as to spark and/or generate interest among learners to pursue science-related careers.

This year’s focus week took place during the September school holidays, specifically from 23 – 27 September 2019.

On 25 of September 2019, Ina Smith (Co-Director: In the Cloud) participated in the slot allocated to the Academy of Science of South Africa, introducing learners and preparing them for the digital nature of all around us, towards the 4th Industrial Revolution. The learners were in awe about what is happening in the world of technology, using data to come up with innovative solutions to challenges and problems faced. Ethical issues were of huge concern for the learners, and therefore even more important that they are aware and prepare themselves for this revolution.

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