It is indeed a huge achievement for In the Cloud (incl. Kids in the Cloud) to be awarded provisional accreditation by the Media, Information and Communications Technologies Sector Education and Training Authority (MICT Seta), from 1 June 2018. View the MICT Seta letter of accreditation. The Kids in the Cloud/In the Cloud MICT SETA Accreditation Number is: ACC/2018/07/0054.

In the Cloud (incl. Kids in the Cloud) prides itself on providing exceptional and contextualised computer and digital citizenship skills-oriented training to both teachers and librarians. Although In the Cloud is located in South Africa, all training can be conducted throughout the rest of Africa.


Which Unit Standards are included as part of this accreditation?

114076  | Use computer technology to research a computer topic  |  NQF Level 4  |  Credits 3
117928  | Describe the application and effect of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) on Society  |  NQF Level 4  |  Credits 5
115392  |  Demonstrate an understanding of the principles of the Internet and the World Wide Web  |  NQF Level 4  |  Credits 3


How does In the Cloud contribute to your Continuing Professional Development (CPD)?

In the Cloud/Kids in the Cloud is currently in the process of applying as approved service providers with the following:

Once approved and included in the above lists of service providers, any librarian or teacher or other professional can enroll for any of the In the Cloud courses associated with the approved unit standards mentioned above.

For a list of courses with the associated unit standards, click here.

On successful completion of the courses associated with the above unit standards, you will receive acknowledgment of successful completion, which can then be communicated to the respective body (e.g. LIASA or SACE).

Register CPD as follows:


Read more about MICT Seta and SAQA

For information about MICT Seta, click here.
For information about SAQA, click here.



For any questions you might have with regard to the MICT Seta accreditation status of In the Cloud/Kids in the Cloud, please contact us.


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