Mobile phones can be very powerful if we know how to use them properly. The mLiteracy pilot workshop presented by Derek Moore on Friday 1 December 2017, and generously sponsored by the Goethe-Institut South Africa, brought together public librarians from around to learn more about using their mobile phones to access wi-fi, and mobile reading resources on the World Wide Web. Mobile phones are more easily within reach of children and adults alike sometimes, and although not the ideal, if it is the only means one has to access books and research, it is better than nothing. The librarians who participated indicated that they had to stretch their minds quite a bit, and that it was great fun to experiment within a mobile space. On the photos below Lot Kafesu from the Goethe-Institut receives his certificate from Annamarie Goosen (In the Cloud Co-Director), Ina Smith (In the Cloud Co-Director) introduces all to In the Cloud (click here to view the presentation slides), and on the third photo Helen Moshoeu and Edwin Nare share their feelings, using “emoji cards”.

Some feedback received from the participants:

“This kind of workshop needs to be repeated.”
“Excellent presentation, and the presenter created a relaxed atmosphere and it was easy to participate.”
“The presentation was phenomenal, stimulating and educational as well as informative.”
“I want to be always part of In the Cloud workshops and events.”
“Wish to come again – it was fantastic.”

Thank you also to Higher Technological School John Vorster for allowing us to use their facilities.



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